About the Heart Chakra

4th Chakra~ Heart Chakra
Sanskrit Name~ Anahata "Unstruck/Unbeaten"
Location~ Middle of Chest
Body Areas~ Heart, Lungs, Thymus Gland, Arms, Hands
Psychology~ Love, Connectedness, Harmony
Color~ Green, Pink
Healing Gemstones~ Tourminalted Quartz, Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Aventurine
Qualities~ Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Service
Shadows~ Grief, Possessiveness, Paranoia, Demanding
Affirmations~ I give and receive love freely

Love the Heart Chakra with the Vitality Bralette. Tourmalated Quartz is charged with Reiki energy to empower the wearer. Each bralette is lovingly made in LA with eco-friendly fabric.

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